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Include your company name in the From field
Allow recipients to recognize who the email is coming from. Recipients open emails from credible sources that they recognize. Avoid deceptive from-names which can be a red-flag for spam filters.
A Relevant subject line
Include the name of your product or service, so they instantly know what the email is regarding.
Your valid, physical mailing address.
This is required by the CAN-SPAM Act and PO Box numbers won't do. It needs to be the brick and mortar address of your company.
Opt-out link.
By law, you need to provide the recipient an opportunity to remove themselves from receiving emails from your company. It is especially important to keep these unsubscribed names on a suppression file you can use when you rent lists from outside companies. The unsubscribe link must work for at least 30 days after sending.
Suppression File.
When renting our active subscriber email database, it is necessary to provide us with your up-to-date suppression file to remove any recipients that have opted-out or unsubscribed from your company's email communication in the past. It is best practice to keep track of any recipient who opts-out of receiving email communication from your company and update your suppression file often.
Test, Test & Retest your email!
It is very important to test your HTML email template in multiple browsers and email programs such as outlook, web-based email programs, apple mail, etc. Templates can appear different using various browsers and email programs — so test, test and retest!

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Measuring Email Blast Performance

When renting any of our active subscriber email lists, we will apply a tracking feature to live links within your HTML email that allows us to provide you with Open rates and Click-thru rates.

In addition to measuring the open rates and click rates of your email campaign — also measure the traffic to your company's website after an email campaign. Did traffic pick up? Did orders increase?

Our 2011 Average Rates for list rental email blasts to-date: 14% Open Rate and 10% Click-thru Rate

Performance results vary based on the email content. Depending on if you included a special offer, survey request or just launching a new product — incentives are a great way to increase open rates and participation.

  • Use an incentive to increase response rates of a survey, such as "1 of 5 chances to win" or "Be one of the first 20 responders to win" - this will not only help you get the survey results you need, but also allow you to share those results with the people who register to take your survey. If it's a survey to benefit the industry, it's wise to share the results with the respondent - especially if the information you collect can benefit them. It also helps with achieving your total response goal.
  • Register-to-Win. Providing an incentive to win a trendy electronic item like an iPod or gift card just by simply registering provides you with contact information of highly valuable prospects! (With their permission, of course) you can use the collected email addresses to add to your in-house database for future email blasts. IMPORTANT: Always supply registrants with the option to opt-in or opt-out of receiving future emails from your company.

Exclusive July Email Blast Offer!!

Schedule an email blast for a July send-date at the standard rate... Get 2nd follow-up email blast at HALF-OFF the standard rate and we will waive the selects fee!*


Hurry! Orders must be received before 7/5/11 to take advantage of this special pricing offer. Availability is limited.

  • Choose any send-date during the month of July (upon availability)
  • 2nd email must be sent within 10-days of transmission of first email
  • Max 3 emails will be sent per week to each audience
  • All email materials must be received 5 business-days prior to send date

*Transmission rate of $50/M applies to all email list orders. Standard email list rental rate = $390/M + transmission, selects additional. 2nd follow-up email blast requires the same creative and list-file to be used. Half-off rental rate = $195/M + transmission. Selects waived. Orders must be placed by 7/5/11 for any July send date. Follow-up email must be sent within 10-days of first email. All email materials must be received 5 business-days prior to send date.


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