Autonomy. Respect. Dedication. Integrity. Collaboration. Success.

Fundamentally simple, yet surprisingly rare

Ask random editors, account executives, support personnel, circulation experts, graphic designers and other Trade Press team members to describe the company's corporate culture in one word, and this is just a sampling of what you'll hear.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a work environment that fosters professional latitude and mutual respect necessary for personal and company-wide growth. Complementing that philosophy is an emphasis on sustaining a healthy and positive work-life balance for all employees, including:

  • Results-oriented, challenging work
  • Recognition for contributions and achievements
  • Flexible hours
  • Relaxed dress code
  • A creative and stimulating environment
  • Strong, involved leadership
  • Ample support and resources
  • Company outings, events and celebrations
  • Friendly, respectful rapport among co-workers
  • Support for professional development through conferences, seminars and workshops
  • Team atmosphere

We're not the best by accident.

The progressive culture at Trade Press greatly contributes to the fact that the majority of our products and services are market leaders. The buzz around the proverbial water cooler at Trade Press provides insight to the people behind the company. Frequent topics of conversation include:

The work we do at Trade Press is more than a job. We're passionate about our work and enjoy discussing daily challenges and accomplishments.

Trade Press is a haven for wordsmiths and literary aficionados.

Wisconsin sports
It would not be too far fetched for the company to hold its own sausage race around the building.

From Luke Skywalker to Mary Pickford, many Trade Pressers are major movie buffs.

Trade Press itself is a family, so naturally employees enjoy sharing anecdotes of a baby's first step or their teens learning to drive.

We hire the best and the brightest
At Trade Press, the best are people with character and drive that mesh with the organization's team-centric framework. Some of our staff even can remember reporting to work as far back as the 1970s. Balancing out the company, our employees born around that time bring innovation and creativity to the table. The high level of career satisfaction equates to exceptional continuity for our customers and audiences alike.

Gingerbread house competition
Cubicle decorating contest
Halloween Costumes
Trade Press Media Group employees enjoy a frindly game of pumkin bowling
Employee Wellness Picnic
Retirement Party