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Email Deployment


Email Marketing is an effective, economical and important part of your direct marketing strategy. With more than 50,000 permission-based email addresses throughout our multiple subscriber databases, Trade Press Data Services can help you connect to our hard-to-reach subscribers with the push of a 'send' button.

We offer email deployment services to get your custom marketing message delivered directly to the inbox of top-level decision-makers.

Trade Press Data Services will assist you with email list development and list segmentation utilizing available selects from our databases.

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By offering solutions and expertise that maximizes your return on investment and better integrates your traditional and email marketing, we can take your marketing message to the next level.

Trade Press Data Services takes the following steps using the latest technologies to help ensure the inbox delivery of your email campaigns:

Automated stamping and sending of messages as required by the Sender ID and DomainKeys specifications (including cryptographic signatures, header insertion and protocol extensions).

We continuously monitor our sender scores – We monitor sender scores to make sure our sending reputation is intact. Sender scores are one method that ISPs use to manage deliverability. The sender score is an indication of the trustworthiness of an email sender’s IP address and is used by email providers to determine additional email filtering criteria.

We continuously monitor IP Blacklists – We monitor all our IPs to check for any blacklistings. There are several multi-RBL (real time blacklist) sites that we use when doing this. Using this method allows us to delist an IP faster than just looking at an individual campaign’s bounce reporting. We also check SMTP bounce/block reports to see if there are any blacklistings blocking our emails that would not show up on our regular multi-RBL check.

We are enrolled with Microsoft’s Smart Network Data Service (SNDS) – This program lets us know if any IPs are blocked by Microsoft. The program also allows us to see what Microsoft is seeing, such as: RCPT commands, DATA commands, Message recipients, Complaint rate, and Spam Trap hits.

We are a “Return Path Partner*” which gives us the visibility to check sending patterns, spam hits, and end-user complaints. If an issue arises, we check the “Return Path Dashboard” to review the sending patterns and details.

We use the “Cisco's Sender Base” tool to check all our ranges of IPs and domains for blocks. This allows us to constantly check all ranges of our IPs and delist as needed.

We conform to CAN-SPAM (USA) and CASL (Canada) requirements

Delivery Policy Management

We apply appropriate delivery settings for each recipient domain based on the domain's published (and/or unpublished) spam policies. This is particularly relevant when delivering to large ISPs (e.g. AOL, MSN, Yahoo!), each of whom has different preferences and optimal settings for parameters such as:


To help send your email on schedule, the following items are required 3-5 business-days prior to deployment:

Email Creative/Content

  Please submit an HTML file. HTML messages are usually easier on the eye, easy to read, and on average provide a higher click-through rate. On the other hand, an HTML message requires more planning, preparation, and sources. Please be sure to TEST YOUR HTML file in various browsers to ensure compatibility.

  A Word document can be supplied for text-only emails.

  Email content &/or links are prohibited from referencing the list source.

Items to Include

Tracking Data is available for HTML emails only. We will provide the number of emails sent, opened and the corresponding open-rate percentage. Click-through data is available; however multiple links are not tracked separately. There is one tracking entry per email. Maximum limit of 6 links per email. Please indicate if you prefer to track your own email messages. Otherwise, your tracking links will be over-written with our tracking service links.

Suppression File requirement was part of the CAN SPAM Act of 2003. The purpose of the file is to ensure that email recipients that have opted-out of receiving any further emails from your company that they not be included with this email either.

Note – we include our Privacy Policy, our opt-out statement, with our method to unsubscribe

Advertisers must supply a suppression file that includes all of their opt outs from previous broadcasts. Any of the opt outs contained on the advertiser's suppression file that match to the rented Email List from Trade Press Media Group will be removed prior to transmission.


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